I am but a wondering soul. home less, but for that which is love is worthy is secure is whole. Religion escaped me, and Spirit whispered my allegiance to wildly go into darkness, into the mystic. All the while creations of Creator surrounded from dawn to sun set to...

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Incandescent Thirst

A droplet of water lies somewhere beneath and above where I once stood.
Sprung from an abyss, a vortex, a poorly disguised portal to the World Maker’s workshop,
the droplet now becomes a mountain spring.

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Sands of Time

Are you lost? asks Great Spirit.

You say that you love me, but somehow your days and dream filled nights are overwhelmed with well meaning adventures down all tool worn paths to some where.

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The Birthday Party

The Birthday Party

It’s saturday afternoon. Forecasts of rain don’t deter the gathering of family, friends and 1st grade class mates, for one seven year old’s party day.

Bright colored balloons, barbecue smoke, fresh air, smiling happiness ablaze.

Children, parents, grand parents, party favors, cup cakes and food.

At LAST, Spanky arrives. Deja vu all over again.

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I asked my teacher a question.

there was no answer.

I sat and waited.

a pin hole of light shined brilliantly in a vast ocean of darkness.

from where did this come?

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On the Screen

a Praying Mantis steadfastly adheres to the patio screen door.
stubbornly faithful to it’s position at eye level,
I help this one find it’s way to the out doors.

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“Door!” says the master.

slowly awakening from a blissful state of being, the student, the door man, reactively reaches,

as if to complete the seemingly simple assignment with a passing grade.

touching about in the darkness of timelessness, the door is illusive.

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Persimmon Time

In their youthful growing up days,
they went unnoticed by most passers by.
A friendly and rightful place for those
unaccustomed to out-of-moment experience.

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Sand Cranes share their ancient voices on high today.

Canada Geese, circling, in great numbers, harmonize.

Light heartedness transforms a sun bright day.

Northern homelands anxiously await home comings.

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